The Interior of the Ford F-150 Raptor

The Ford F-150 Raptor has a lot to offer in terms of interior features, both standard and optional. When you visit Vision Ford - Lincoln LLC, we can show you more about what there is to love about this truck.

The moment you open the door, you will see comfortable bucket seats. If you have more than one passenger, there is a 60/40 flip-up seat bench in the rear. Optional features also include a 10-way power driver and front passenger function as well as the possibility of adding heated and ventilated seats.

Your Raptor would come equipped with an entertainment…

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The Exceptional Design Features of the Ford Taurus

For many years, drivers have made the Ford Taurus one of the best-selling cars on the market. This vehicle has stood the test of time as a safe and reliable car. At the same time, it is a stylish vehicle with several eye-catching design features.

The Ford Taurus has an optional rear spoiler that really gives the car a sporty look. This rear spoiler is aerodynamic, and it adds to the overall elegant line of the vehicle. The Ford Taurus also gives you a number of good-looking wheel options. A 20-inch wheel with 15 spokes is an option.

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Check Out the Ford Flex’s Design Features

Ford has created a striking design with the 2018 Ford Flex. A myriad of features was included in this automobile. From the innovated aesthetics to the functionality of the cabin it has it all. Tech enthusiasts will feel connected with all the savvy components provided in this model.

The Ford Flex boasts sophisticated leather seats, as well as leather, wrapped steering wheel. Mapel accents provide a stylish design feature found on luxury vehicles. Multipanel roofs allow everyone to enjoy the sunshine while seating anywhere in the vehicle.

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What does BLIS do in the Ford Focus?

Driving down the road is easy. What is hard is trying to determine what is around you that may affect your driving. While driving on the freeway, you want to change lanes. You crane your neck to look behind you, look in the interior and exterior mirrors, and you still have a spot blocked from view where another car may be hovering. That spot is called the blind spot and has been the nemesis for many drivers.

The Ford Focus comes equipped with a Blind Spot Information System (BLIS). The Focus comes equipped with two radar modules with multi-beam functionality…

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Make Sure Your Car Will Not Move While Changing a Tire

One of the hazards of changing a flat tire is when your car moves. You should always make you’re your car is stationary and that it will stay that way before you start to change a tire. A car that is lifted on a jack can move if not stabilized.

First, make sure your car is on as flat a grade as possible. Cars can become unbalanced on tilted slopes and roll. Always set your parking brake. If you have wheel wedges, place them behind each tire that is not the flat on which you are working. Make sure…

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Here is How You Jump Start Another Car Safely

Safely jump-starting a car requires some good jumper cables, safety goggles, and some good work gloves. Once the running car is positioned in front of the other car, turn off the engine and the car lights too. Open the hoods, and spread out the jumper cables; the red is positive, black is negative.

Red to the good battery positive terminal first, followed by the red to the battery on the car needing to be jumped. The black to the terminal on the good battery, then you'll attach the last black cable to exposed metal on the car to be…

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What’s the Right Traction-Adding Substance for Your Ford?

Winter weather presents a fair share of challenges for Wahpeton, ND commuters. If you stay well-prepared for the season, you can make it through the extreme cold temperatures with minimal trouble.

One major challenge that you are most likely to face concerns the issue of snow or ice on driveways. The easiest solution that most people use is applying salt to their driveways. Salt has outstanding capabilities in that it can melt the snow away if the temperature is at least 12 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Winter Wiper Blades: Visibility in the Wintertime

Are you becoming annoyed by the streaks your car's windshield wiper blades are leaving on the glass? What you may not know is that this problem is more than just annoying: it's downright dangerous!

These streaks on the glass can severely impair your visibility, which increases your likelihood of getting into an accident. Thankfully, there is a way to fix this issue, and it is not going to cost very much money or time.

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Pre-Approval For Your Auto Loan is a Wise Financial Move

You can go online today to our Vision Ford - Lincoln website and get pre-approval for your new or used car financing. Just take a minute and fill out the application form online and in minutes you'll find out what you qualify for and the terms. When you are shopping for a new or used vehicle, just get that part of it out of the way beforehand.

Once the financial part of the equation is taken care of you can walk into the dealership with authority and spend your efforts concentrating on picking the vehicle of your choice. Just think…
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